Charla en inglés: Jeremy Brock


Jeremy aprovecha su estancia anual en Berrueco para pasar por el IES y estar con el alumnado. Como profesor jubilado, siempre que puede le gusta acompañar a los adolescentes en su formación.

En esta ocasión ha estado con los alumnos de 2º BTO compartiendo las experiencias de su vida académica y profesional.

Algunos alumnos han escrito estas frases sobre Jeremy: 

I like the experience of people who are free and are always travelling. They are very lucky because they meet a lot of people and discover a lot of cultures.

It’s not recommendable  to study just one thing; instead getting different degrees can increase job opportunities.

It’s very clear he is from Scotland, his accent!!!

I think he chose an amazing place to buy  a house (Berrueco). Now,  I know the reasons.

He looks friendly and we had a good time.

Now, I know more aspects about Scottish culture.

One of the main ideas from Jeremy´s talk is that villages have been depopulated in recent decades. Population has decreased in several ways

It’s great to have a positive mental health. That’s the main reason  to do different activities such as travelling in a quite old age. Hope is the most important thing!!

Alicia, Maha, Carlos – 2º BTO A